Have You Noticed These New Trends in Web Designing Services?

If you notice the evolution of website designing you would surely agree to the fact there are few things that have changed in the manner and technology as web designing. Remember the days when GIF images in the 90s would make us go crazy. Web designing has come a long way and with increased competition and visits from mobile devices, designers are walking the extra mile to come out with innovative ideas that attract the attention of the users and help websites earn easy brand recognition.

As a business or an institution, you should always ask your web design service provider to implement these latest trends and ideas in your website. Before doing so you need to have a clear idea of these evolutionary trends in the first place. In this brief write-up we shall take a look at some of the trends that you need to be aware of before you out source your web development project.

Long Scroll – A decade back this was considered to be one of the perfect examples of poor design as designers always wanted to place all the important information above the fold. Anything below it was considered to be invisible for majority of the users coming to the site. The logic was perfect for its day as most users would read or view what was in front of their eyes and navigate to other pages clicking on the links. The advent of smart phones and tablets and our new found love for ‘scrolling’ has changed it all  as long scrolls has become the best way of storytelling!

Tiled Layout – The more we come across tiled sites, the more we tend to fall in love with them. The idea seems to have been borrowed from multiple sources including business card designing, Windows Tiles and Pinterest. Here every tile or box represents a new concept or idea that is contained within the frame. If you have many things to talk about in your site, this layout is just made for you.

Split Screen – Suppose there are two important facets of your business such as products and services. How do you ensure that they get equal attention of your website? Well you can adopt the Split Screen layout where the screen is vertically split into two parts, each independent of the other. You can use contrasting designs or shades of color to distinguish between the two.

Parallax Scrolling – Do you miss the days of Flash when your website would have animations to attract attention of the users immediately? Well Flash had its limitations and so has gone in the pages of web designing’s history. Parallax Scrolling is your perfect alternative to Flash and even better as it creates motion and immediately engages the users to your website.

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