Mistakes in Website Designing That Can Cause Brand Disillusionment

You launch a website with all fanfare and expect it to create a strong brand presence. Only a few months down the line you come to know that it has failed to meet most of your goals. The problem is with the design which is neither aesthetically pleasing nor is it technically sound. With thousands of websites being developed each day your site needs to stand out to be counted and promote your products and services. Though you may have outsourced your website designing project to an agency, you shouldn’t sit back and relax. You need to make sure the designers avoid the following mistake.

  • Website Not Mobile Friendly – A few years back this may have been in the bottom of the list but such is the volume of mobile traffic to websites these that it is one mistake you cannot afford to make. By doing so you would turn away more than 50% of the traffic and miss out of your campaign. Also Google in its latest algorithm update factors mobile friendliness in site rankings.
  • Poor Navigation – Would you like walking into a large office building with no signs to guide you to different departments and desks? One of the first things that you must insist your web designing company is seamless navigation throughout your website. All the sub-sections should be organized logically to enable users to reach inner pages without any hassle. You should also prepare a good sitemap for the search engine bots.
  • No Search Box – Staying with the building example, imagine having to come out of the building, watch it from the road to try and locate a certain room you are looking for! Not having a search box puts users into a similar situation where they need to search content in your website using an external search engine. This is unprofessional and would chase away most of the users and hurt your brand value.
  • Cluttering the Home Page – Imagine somebody serving you a multi-course meal, one on top of the other in a single plate. Would you enjoy it? Same is the case when you pack too much of information on the Home Page. It looks unprofessional and confuses the user thus killing your entire promotional campaign. Simple and crisp homepage is in fashion these days and the more empty spaces you have the better it is for today’s generation website.
  • Limited Contact Information – It is disgusting to land in a ‘Contact Us’ page and find a long form to fill up and get in touch with the company. Nobody likes that. Period. Someone might physically want to visit your location or get in touch with you immediately over the phone. Also not offering detailed contact information raises questions on your credibility and legitimacy.

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